• Are you looking to leverage psychological insights for practical business benefits?
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    Then Adult Devleopment Theory and Arel Moodie is the fresh perspective, and dynamic expeirence you are looking for. No Fluff.

    About Arel Moodie

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    Arel Moodie is a best selling author, profesional speaker, research junky and entrepreneur.




    Arel is known as a “human development investigator” who has extensively studied the intricacies of what makes people tick. In a fun, a-ha inducing way he shares the 60+ years of research called “Adult Development Theory” that can dramatically change how we understand ourselves and those around us to better drive organizational results. 



    He has been quoted in The New York Times, USA Today, Essence, Forbes, Black Enterprise, Huffington Post and has been a contributor to TV shows like “The Doctors”


    Arel has built multiple 7-figure businesses. Inc. Magazine called him a “High-Energy, Motivator” and named him to their “30 Under 30 list” of America’s top entrepreneurs and he has been also named to the 40 Under 40 list of top CNY business professionals.



    As a professional speaker, he has spoken to over 750,000 people in 48 states and 5 countries. Arel has spoken at the White House twice, on the TEDx stage 3 times and has been acknowledged by President Obama.



    Arel used to dance and performed at Madison Square Garden and he's had video of him featured in The Ellen Show and a Beyonce used a picture of Arel during her Super Bowl Halftime Show (but very quickly!)



    His greatest Joy is being a father of two sons and married to his wife who he met when he was 18 :)

  • Arel Moodie:

    Human Development Investigator.

    Research Junky.

    Simplifier of Complex Ideas. 

  • What is Adult Development Theory?

    Adult Development Theory helps organizations unlock the potential of every interaction by breaking down the psychological growth phases adults go through, much like how we categorize people by generations (like Baby Boomers or Millennials) to better understand and predict their behaviors and preferences.


    By diving into this presentation, you will discover the 4 major stages adults pass through in a lifetime, creating a clear, actionable framework to enhance your interactions with employees and customer. This presentation will help your group leverage these insights to foster stronger relationships and drive success.


    Perfect for those looking for topics around: Leadership Development Change Management Building High-Performance Cultures

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  • Arel has been a guest expert on Disney+ hosting Family Reboot produced by Kelly Ripa.

  • Arel Helps Organizations Demystifying the Ego:

    The Key to Elevating Leadership & Transforming Work Culture.

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