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  • Unlock the Power of Your People:

    The "Core Four" Stages of Adult Development Theory

    Arel Moodie presenting on how to Unlock the Power of Your People through Adult Development Theory

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    Presentation Description:


    Many people are aware of "Child Development Theory" that states all children pass through sequetial and predictable stages of development that help inform how to best interact with and educate approritely based on how old a child is.


    Adult Development Theory is 60+ years of research that adults pass through similar predictable stages but not based on how OLD they are but on how MATURE they are.


    This research will forever change how you interact with people because it help you understand how people tick so you can make sure every interaction is a quality one.


    As a leader, your ability to decipher and empathize with the specificities and intricacies of these stages will help you and your team understand how each individual reacts to the world around them and how these reactions drive every action we take professionally.


    The work of understanding these stages of Adult Development will create a roadmap for your own growth and for those around you as each stage comes with common pitfalls and traps to avoid, but also opportunities to utilize.


    Understanding these stages will assist in creating a culture of transparency which will inevitably lead to deeper relationships and a higher quality of collaboration organization-wide.



    Key Presentation Outcomes:


    • Craft a deeper understanding of the characteristics, traits, strengths, fears of the "Core Four" Stages: Self-Centric, Group-Centric, Skill-Centric & the Achiever stages
    • Leverage each of the "Core Four" Stages to avoid common traps and increased communication, efficacy, & transparency.
    • Understand more deeply what makes your people tick!


    This presentation is built on 60+ years of proven research, interactive presentation techniques, and immediate application of what's taught to create new ways of solving problems and drive results in a simple yet a-ha inducing way.


    In Unlocking the Power of Your People, you'll see why so many organizations have raving review for Arel's presentations over the last two decades.


    What makes Arel different and credible?


    Arel has studied with and is certified by the foremost researcher in this field, Dr. Susanne Cook-Greuter and has an entrepreneurship background building mutiple 7-figure companies all by unlocking the power of the people around him to do so. Arel has been asked to host TV shows on networks like Disney+ as an expert in bringing people together. Find out why Arel will be the perfect fit as the speaker at your upcoming event.


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