• Helping managers and executives better understand and influence the people they work with to build the ultimate work environment by avoiding the most common people problems.

    The work of Adult Development Theory is backed by 60+ years of research that has figured out how people make decisions based on their stage of maturity. Unlock the power of your people today!

  • Help Move Your People from Learned Helplessness to Learned Helpfulness

    Learned helplessness is when people are conditioned to be apathetic, but learned helpfulness is when people are shown how to be of value—which is what Adult Development Theory does!

  • Arel Moodie's Adult Development  Presentations

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    Arel Moodie takes this incredible research and shows you how to connect with and influence your people based on the "stage of development" they are in within Adult Development Theory.

    Over 40 years of research has proven that adults pass through predictable stages of development. Learning how to understand these stages, characteristic traits, core motivators, biggest fears will allow you to understand, connect with and positively influence people like never before.

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    Why Hire Arel?

    Based on the audience testimonials provided, here are the top 5 reasons to hire Arel Moodie:

    1) Simplifying complex processes: Arel Moodie is able to simplify processes, making it easier for the audience to understand and apply the knowledge.

    2) Engaging and relatable: Arel Moodie's talks are engaging, relatable, and easy to follow, making them enjoyable for the audience.

    3) Empowering and inspiring: Arel Moodie's talks are empowering, inspiring, and motivational. He provides valuable tips and insights that leave a lasting impact on the audience.

    4) Provides practical advice: Arel Moodie's talks provide practical advice that can be applied to everyday life and work, making them helpful to the audience.

    5) Highly recommended: Based on the testimonials, Arel Moodie is highly recommended by the audience, with many describing him as one of the best speakers they have ever heard.



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  • About Arel Moodie

    Arel Moodie is known as a “human development investigator” who has extensively studied the intricacies of human dynamics and relationships. He is a best-selling author who has spoken to over 750,000 people throughout 48 states and 5 countries.

    He is one of the expert hosts on the Disney+ show Family Reboot.


    He has been invited to speak at the White House twice and on the TEDx stage three times.


    He has been featured in The New York Times, Inc. Magazine, Essence, USA Today, Forbes, Black Enterprise, Huffington Post, and has been a contributor to the television program The Doctors.


    He shares the fascinating research on how to use Adult Development Theory to dramatically change how you can effectively build connections with others, understand yourself more deeply, and positively influence those around you.


    This information works and is proven. Adult Development Theory is based on 60 years of research and hundreds of thousands of data points.

    Arel grew up in the Projects of Brooklyn, NY, and knows firsthand the power of Community Action Agencies and how they can change lives, programs like yours changed his!

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