• Here's the Reality of Work Today


    The unemployment rate is essentially zero

    It's NEVER been harder to find the right talent


    People are leaving their jobs and hopping to new ones at an accelerated rate

    It's NEVER been harder to retain your team


    People are looking for purpose, value alignment, & social mission in their jobs

    It's NEVER been more important to do something different to stay competitive

  • People Solution Presentations

    Arel Moodie, Keynote Speaker on Unlocking the Power of Your People with Adult Development Theory

    Unlock the Power of Your People: 

    The "Core Four" Stages of Adult Development Theory

    Key Presentation Outcomes:
    • Craft a deeper understanding of the characteristics, traits, strengths, fears of the "Core Four" Stages: Self-Centric, Group-Centric, Skill-Centric & the Achiever stages
    • Leverage each of the Core Four stages to avoid common traps and increased communication, efficacy, & transparency.
    • Understand more deeply what makes your people tick!
    Arel Moodie speaking on how to unlock the power of your leadership

    Unlock the Power of Your Leadership: Transform Blind Spots into Breakthroughs

    Key Presentation Outcomes:
    • Demystify how people make decisions based on their ego development stages
    • Arm yourself with the intel to identify these stages in real-time, transforming every interaction
    • Walk away with a toolkit of strategies that will not only align your team but supercharge motivation and productivity
    Arel Moodie speaking on how to unlock the power of your team

    Unlock the Power of Your Team: 

    Create the Ultimate Work Environment

    Key Presentation Outcomes:
    • How a specific perspective makes or breaks a team
    • The two crucial elements required to thrive in today’s workplace culture and how to integrate these takeaways in a surprisingly simple and effective way
    • How to build stronger channels of communication to create the ultimate team environment
  • Profit Solution Presentations

    Learn how to grow

    Arel Moodie advanced training on customer loyalty

    Unlock the Power of Customer Loyalty: Tailored Interactions for Every Stage of Development

    Key Presentation Outcomes:

    • Discover the Adult Development Advantage in Sales: Unpack the four stages of adult development—and learn how to identify these stages in your customers
    • Customize Your Communication: Learn tailored interaction strategies that resonate deeply with customers at each developmental stage, enhancing their trust and commitment to your brand.
    • Boost Retention Rates: Implement engagement techniques that turn first-time buyers into lifelong clients, significantly increasing your customer retention rates


  • Let's Make an Impact Together

    Arel’s presentations provide a step-by-step approach to understanding how and why people make the decisions they make based on the stage of development they are in that will give your people a clarity of how to better connect with their team members and how to have the proper authority with clients to build lasting business relationships.

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