• Why Hire Arel?

    Based on data from over 4,000 audience members, here are the top 5 reasons to book Arel Moodie:


    1) Simplifying complex processes:

    Arel Moodie is able to simplify processes, making it easier for the audience to understand and apply the knowledge.


    2) Engaging and relatable: 

    Arel Moodie's talks are engaging, relatable, and easy to follow, making them enjoyable for the audience.


    3) Empowering and inspiring: 

    Arel Moodie's talks are empowering, inspiring, and motivational. He provides valuable tips and insights that leave a lasting impact on the audience.


    4) Provides practical advice:

    Arel Moodie's talks provide practical advice that can be applied to everyday life and work, making them helpful to the audience.


    5) Highly recommended: 

    Based on the testimonials, Arel Moodie is highly recommended by the audience, with many describing him as one of the best speakers they have ever heard.

  • Our Unique 3-Step Approach

    We customize all of our presentations to meet your unique needs

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  • Is this Programming Right For You?

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    You Are in the Right Place if...

    • You are driven to discover the hidden patterns of how people make decisions so that you can more deeply understand and ethically influence them
    • You want people to maintain their personal views but be able to put them aside to allow for collaboration and more productive work cultures
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    Who We Parter With

    We love working with organizations that are about creating

    • Maximum benefit
    • Optimization
    • Effectiveness

    Choosing the right speaker is a huge decision for your organization.


    You want fresh perspectives and a speaker you can trust who will deliver.


    We get it.

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    How this is Different and Trusted

    The content presented is created through objective data helping your audience leave this presentation and experience measurable results.


    We are committed to understanding your unique plans and goals so we can measure and evaluate the impact this presentation’s content has on your people.


    The research of Adult Development Theory allows you and your people to know the root causes and reasons for undesirable situations and work out explanations as well as strategies to fix them.

  • How this is Different and Trusted

    Arel's presentations help you better predict what is possible so you can future-proof your organization so you are prepared for what can and will happen.


    If you want the next 5-10 years to be the best years in your organization’s history, unlocking the power of your people through Arel’s research-based presentations will get you there.


    Our goal is to provide a laugh out loud, fun experience that leaves your people ready to leave a lasting contribution to the future of your organization.


    After seeing how this content will impact your people the only regret you will have is the missed opportunity to bring this in sooner.


    Ready to Relentlessly Move Toward Your Organizational Goals?

    The smartest organizations know that no one person can do everything themselves, so teaching people the strategies taught will help your leaders ease the feeling of being overextended with that relentless sense of urgency that there is not enough time or hours in the day.


    Choosing the right content and speaker for your people is one of the most important make it or break it decisions for any leader who cares about crafting the best event. Arel has time after time showed up for groups from as small as 3 to as large as 3,000 for two decades.


    Our entire team is dedicated to getting it right for you and we stand by the over 1,000 professional speaking engagements delivered in the past that none of our clients have regretted the decision to work with our organization. Don’t miss the opportunity to bring information never heard before by your audience in a way that will keep their attention and have major impact on the work they do moving forward!

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