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  • What is Adult Development Theory (ADT)?

    60+ years of research proves all adults pass through predictable stages of development. Each stage has unique characteristics, strengths, fears, core-drivers, skillsets, and motivators.

    Use ADT to Deeply Understand, Connect With, & Influence Others and Yourself!

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  • Arel's Signature Presentation

    Unlocking the Power of Your People Through Adult Development Theory

    Utilizing Research to Create the Ultimate Work Environment

    (Customized Keynote to Full-Day Program)

    Presentation Overview:


    Most organizations are constantly looking for ways to get the most out of their people and create the ultimate work environment. An environment where everyone shows up as their best selves has each other's back and moves the organization toward its key goals.

    But we have never been more divided as a people. There is so much productivity lost simply because the old way of doing things is clearly not working anymore. It’s been harder to recruit, retain and develop the team and leaders we need.

    With wildly changing work expectations, quiet quitting, and older generations retiring at high rates, it’s never been more important to unlock the ability to truly solve your biggest people problems at work.

    The fascinating research of Adult Development Theory is based on tens of thousands of studies over the last 60 years that prove that all people regardless of the origin of birth, gender, or language spoken, pass through predictable and sequential stages of maturity. Each stage has different core motivators, fears, characteristics, and ways they are driven to take action.

    This research fills in the gaps of personality types and generational data to give you a full picture of how to connect with and ethically influence others. This research will break down the four stages of maturity that currently exist (that have absolutely nothing to do with age) that will explain why certain people get a long and drive change…while others create conflict and slow results.

    If you are looking for research-based insights into solving your biggest people problems, this presentation is for you.

    Key Presentation Outcomes:

    • Gain a completely new way of understanding your people based on their stage of maturity that will unlock how you approach trust and teamwork.
    • Uncover surprising insights into what makes people tick based on the 4 stages of maturity that dominate our workplace
    • Be inspired with strategic actions customized to your group, such as talent building, retention, and messaging
    This a-ha-inducing, fun, and engaging presentation will keep your audience saying “wow” to themselves based on the insights, examples, and solutions presented that will help them finally understand people in a truly amazing way.

    This presentation takes 60 years of research and presents the most specifically actionable ideas in a fun way that will leave your audience on the edge of their seats and wanting to give you a standing ovation for bringing in this topic.
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    Arel Moodie takes this incredible research and shows you how to connect with and influence your people based on the "stage of development" they are in within Adult Development Theory.

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  • About Arel Moodie

    Arel Moodie is known as a “human development investigator” who has extensively studied the intricacies of human dynamics and relationships. He is a best-selling author who has spoken to over 750,000 people throughout 48 states and 5 countries.

    He is one of the expert hosts on the Disney+ show Family Reboot.
    He has been invited to speak at the White House twice and on the TEDx stage three times.
    He has been featured in The New York Times, Inc. Magazine, Essence, USA Today, Forbes, Black Enterprise, Huffington Post, and has been a contributor to the television program The Doctors.
    He shares the fascinating research on how to use Adult Development Theory to dramatically change how you can effectively build connections with others, understand yourself more deeply, and positively influence those around you.
    This information works and is proven. Adult Development Theory is based on 60 years of research and hundreds of thousands of data points.

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